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sustainable packaging

Dear Bea is devoted to creating greeting cards that are the perfect canvas for you to connect with your favorite people, and make the world a little better place. This inspires our commitment to exceptional quality and sustainability in how we craft and package our products.  


  • Our original greeting cards are digitally printed on high-quality paper with a felt finish that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It is a mix of 30% recycled content, and 70% content from responsibly-managed forests.
  • While many people choose to hold on to their Dear Bea greetings as keepsakes, every greeting card is recyclable. We avoid finishing work and embellishments that aren’t recyclable or eco-friendly.
  • We bundle our greeting card sets in a sheer cotton pouch that is reusable and compostable, rather than a traditional stationery box which then gets packaged within another box to ship.
  • We protect our products with clear plastic sleeves made of 100% recycled PET.
  • Our protective cardboard shipping boxes and rigid envelopes are made from 100% recycled content.
  • We keep a variety of box sizes to minimize waste. We use 100% recycled filler paper when needed.
  • Our shipping labels and super-strong packing tape are made from recycled content, and are paper-based so they don’t need to be stripped from the box to be recycled again.
  • All of our packaging is reusable and readily-recyclable after use.