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My friends have saved me. Repeatedly. Their notes always seem to come when I need them the most, and they often become some of my most treasured keepsakes. It was a bleak January when my beloved friends inspired Dear Bea. I found myself with a new appreciation for elevating everyday living by embracing beauty in our actions, and in the people and things we surround ourselves with.  

As a designer, I benefit from a long line of artists and makers in my family. My love for carving and block-printing was inspired by my wonderful mom, who is a talented wood-worker and has carved beautiful relief sculptures. I studied interior design in college, and my career took a non-traditional path when I began volunteering for a nonprofit that empowers children from one of Washington DC’s most under-resourced communities. For more than a decade, I had the privilege of working with some of the kindest and smartest people I’ve ever met, and learning every day from children who had already faced more challenges than most of us face in a lifetime. The Dear Bea spirit and values come from this unique combination of design, leadership, and community betterment.

Now-a-days I spend my time chasing my children around the yard, jotting down ideas in sketch books whenever I have a chance, and working into the night to bring the ideas to life at Dear Bea. 

I hope that our products help you to connect and share smiles with your favorite people.

Yours truly,


 Brenda Chamberlain