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by Dear Bea on April 19, 2019

Teacher appreciation week begins Monday, May 6th, and no parent wants to miss this chance to say thank you to the extraordinary people who we task with educating our kids.

Here are four unique ideas that are sure to be a hit with the teachers in your life.  They work for any grade, and principals and supporting teachers will love them as well. 

  1. Keep them well-caffeinated with a gift card to a yummy coffee shop near the school.

Coffee Shop

  1. Give the gift of YOU with a commitment to volunteer your time in whatever amount you can work into your schedule…and let the teacher decide the task. Think of a period of time that you can stick to; maybe a couple hours to organize supplies, or a commitment to help in the classroom during end-of-year assessments. The keys are that you (1) ask the teacher what she or he needs so that you are doing something truly helpful, and (2) that you find something that fits your schedule so that they can count on you.

  1. Keep the classroom running smoothly with a commitment to provide stock of a popular supply. Be sure to ask the teacher what she or he needs and how often.  Examples include freshly sharpened pencils, glue sticks, wet wipes, snacks, or popular craft supplies.

  1. Nourish their personal creativity with a fun and pragmatic set of stationery. After all, writing isn’t JUST for homework! Disclaimer:  I design and sell exactly such stationery, and just happen to have an adorable polka dot apple set inspired by my kids’ teachers.

Apple Dot Greeting Card by Dear Bea