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by Dear Bea on February 10, 2020

(2 min read)

Your hand-written notes are one of the best ways to make someone feel special. Here is a little inspiration to get you started writing a heart-felt card for Valentine's Day, or any other time you want to make someone's day!

1. Take a moment.

Take a moment to think about the main point or two that you want to say in your message. Consider jotting it down on scrap paper first. This will make for a more thoughtful message, and help you plan how big or small to write in your card.

2. Use the recipient’s name.

This might seem obvious, but in our world of instant communication we tend to skip this step! Using someone’s name (or perhaps a sweet nickname) makes them feel good! You should open the card with it.

For example…
- Happy Valentine’s Day, Riley!
- Dear Emma,
- To James (aka my favorite person in the world!),

In addition, you could include the recipient's name later in the message. For example…
- You mean the world to me, Charlie.
- Becca, I am so grateful for your friendship and I look forward to many more lattes and laughs together!

3. Write 1 to 3 personalized sentences.

You don’t have to write volumes to show you care (though feel free if you are inclined). Overall, focus on quality over quantity.

For example…
- I treasure our happy memories and look forward to making many more!
- I hope that Valentine’s Day brings you as much love as you give to all of us!
- I am so grateful to have YOU as my valentine!

4. Close strong.

A nice little closing before your signature can almost always make someone smile. Close with something you think she or he would appreciate.

For example…
- All my love,
- With love,
- Cheers to many more [insert favorite activity, place, drink, etc. that you enjoy together]!
- Yours truly,

5. Embrace the personal touch.

Not-so-refined handwriting, a word or two crossed out, several postscripts of things you forgot to mention--no problem! It is authentic and refreshing to read something that wasn’t edited by a computer! Besides, embracing each other’s imperfections and vulnerabilities are part of what makes your relationship great.

Saying it from the heart makes your hand-written note one-of-a-kind and special!

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