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by Dear Bea on December 05, 2019

Oh-what-fun it is to create classic winter artwork for our greeting cards here at the Dear Bea studio!

sketchbookEach design begins with ideas in a sketchbook--often drawings from my neighbors' gardens, and other beautiful things I stumble upon or dream up amid the craziness of everyday life (and chasing my three small children around the yard). I work into the night to take my favorite ideas to take to the next step.

Thanks to a lifetime of inspiration and lessons in woodworking from my mom, I don't just paint...I carve! I use the carvings to block print, add a little detail work here and there, and we have a beautiful library of original art to tailor in a modern fashion. 

carving of a holly leafroller and ink for block-printing 

I end up with TONS of motifs and iterations, and the best-of-the-best make to our greeting cards. Our winter designs are plump-full of hand-carved, block-printed reindeer, poinsettias, doves, and other fanciful winter treasures!

perfecting the detailslaptop and sketchbook


Finally, I work closely with a local printer to bring the designs to life in vibrant colors on beautiful, forest-friendly paper. Every Dear Bea card is printed locally, hand-packed in your order, and shipped to your doorstep in 100% recycled packaging. 

...And our customers provide the inspiration! We pour our hearts into each and every design to make them worthy of your thoughtful, wonderful notes!

Thanks so much for supporting Dear Bea, and other quaint, responsibly-sourced businesses!

Brenda "Bea" Chamberlain